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SBI Balance Check Number | 9223766666. If you have an account with the State Bank of India (SBI), this article will explain how to check your SBI bank balance. SBI Balance Check Numbers are used by account holders to find out how much money they have deposited and withdrawn from their accounts. By using this tool, you can track your finances, check your State Bank of India account balances, avoid fraudulent activity, and figure out how much you spend.

SBI Balance Check Number

The State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the most popular, trustworthy, and largest banks in India. If you are an SBI customer who has a registered mobile number with the Bank, this service is available to you. It is possible to register your mobile number with the State Bank of India at the home branch if you haven’t done so yet. You can check your SBI account balance by calling a toll-free number, sending an SMS, using an ATM, or viewing a mini statement here.

SBI Balance Enquiry

The idea of checking the balance of an account isn’t important, but a few reasons make and give one the desire to do so. It gives a sense of insecurity to check the balance more than once or twice a day.

That might be the layman’s perception, as we have a legitimate reason for enquiring about our balance. There are more clicks for these services than for other banking services, which is a concern and needs to be addressed.

• Checking the balance helps determine whether the account has sufficient funds to transfer payments.

• Account holders check the balance frequently if they expect money to arrive.

• When a transaction fails, make sure the money received was refunded.

• When and how interest has been deposited.

• Verify how much is left after a transaction is completed.

• Verifying if any illegal transactions occurred or if they cannot be traced, this helps you report them to your bank.

• A balance enquiry provides an idea of how much money is left in the account, which gives a sense of what to budget for.

IDBI Bank Balance Check Number 

SBI Balance Check Number Miss Call Mini Statement

Using their registered mobile number, the customer must make a missed call or send an SMS to the toll-free number. It will take a few seconds for the system to process the balance and send it to the phone number.

•You can check your balance by making a missed call or sending an SMS to the number +91 9223766666 of the SBI bank.

•Alternatively, customers can send SMS MSTMT to +91 922386666 or missed call 09223866666 to receive the mini-statement.

SBI Balance Check Number Registration

This service can be registered by sending an SMS to 09223488888 with the message ‘REG Space Account Number’, for example, REG 001234567890.

The mobile number registered for that account. The registration process will be confirmed by a message indicating whether the registration was successful or unsuccessful. You can use the services if you are successful.

When unsuccessful,

Send the SMS to the destination mobile number and check the SMS format.

Make sure the mobile number from which the SMS is sent to the bank is up-to-date. Update the same if it has not been done yet at your branch.

SBI Balance Check through SMS Banking

In case the user has only one SBI account, he or she needs to send an SMS “BAL” to 09223766666 from the registered mobile number to check the balance of the account. A primary account balance will be displayed. Receive the SBI MINI statement, check the status of the cheque, and check the balance on the SBI account. Obtain the last ‘clear’ balance of the account.

Whenever you miss a call or send an SMS, send ‘BAL’ to 092237666666.

By checking the last five transactions on your account, you can obtain the Mini Statement.

The number is 092223866666 or you can send an SMS containing the text ‘MSTMT’ to it.

Bank of India Balance Check Number | 09266135135

SBI Balance Check Toll-Free Number

You can check your balance without any charge by calling this toll-free number (+91 9223766666 (or) 09223588888). By doing so, banks and ATMs become less crowded.

A toll-free number can be used to check your SBI account balance

• Clients must place a missed call to 18004253800 or 1800112211.

• The number 09223766666 can also be used to send a balance SMS.

• Applicants for mini statements must work out the following numbers:

• Missed call to 1800112211 or 18004253800

• SMSs are formatted as follows:

• Send an MSTMT to 0922376666

SBI Balance Check through ATM Card

Follow these steps if you want to check your bank balance using an ATM card at a State Bank of India ATM.

• Make sure the ATM card is swiped first.

• Enter your ATM PIN and the language you prefer.

• Click the “Balance Enquiry” button.

You will now be able to view the bank balance. Additionally, “mini statements” can be closed.

SBI Balance Check through Passbook

A State Bank of India branch can update the passbook for you if you want to know the account balance. For every new account opened with SBI, a passbook is provided. For customers to check their SBI Account Balance, they can update their passbook at the nearest SBI branch. An account holder’s State Bank of India passbook contains all his or her debit and credit transactions.

SBI Balance Check through Internet Banking

Checking your balance is easy when you log in to your account through SBI NetBanking. If you have an online banking account, you can log in with your user ID and password by visiting

An account login page will appear once the user logs in. It displays the number of your bank account, the name of the branch, and hyperlinks for checking the balance and performing transactions.

Simply click on ‘Click Here for Balance’ to check your savings account balance.

SBI Balance Check through Mobile Banking

Your balance can be checked using SBI Mobile Banking if you have taken this service. Download the mobile banking app for your bank in order to use the mobile banking service.

You can check the balance of your State Bank of India account on your smartphone by downloading the SBI Mobile App or UPI app. The SBI Mobile Apps are listed below.

  • BHIM SBI Pay App.
  • SBI YONO App.
  • Online SBI
  • SBI Anywhere Saral

On Google Play and Apple App Stores, you can download the SBI Mobile app.

SBI Customer Care Number

You can check your account balance by calling the customer care number 1800 425 3800. You can select the language and the banking options after calling. Put in your 12-digit account number and 16-digit debit card number. You can check the balance of your account by entering your ATM pin.


SBI balance check: how to do it?

Net banking, Mobile Banking, and ATMs are available to State Bank of India customers, as well as the ability to make missed calls from their registered mobile numbers.

SBI Balance Check Toll-Free Number

+91 9223766666. Call 1800112211 (or) 18004253800 for State Bank of India customer service

SBI Balance Check Number Registration

Send REG <SPACE> ACCOUNT NUMBER to 09223488888 from the registered mobile number

SBI Balance Check missed call number

Contact +91 9223766666 from your registered mobile phone number if you missed a call.

In SBI, how do I activate mobile banking?

A customer wants to send an SMS using the format 9223440000 (or) 567676.