Top Small Finance Banks In India [Updated]

Top Small Finance Banks In India | The Reserve Bank of India approves all small finance banks in India under the Banking Regulations Act of 1949. Like all other banks, these banks follow the rules and patterns established by the RBI.

Top Small Finance Banks In India

  1. AU Small Finance Bank
  2. Capital Small Finance Bank
  3. Equitas Small Finance Bank
  4. Fincare Small Finance Bank
  5. ESAF Small Finance Bank
  6. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
  7. Suryoday Small Finance Bank
  8. Jana Small Finance Bank

AU Small Finance Bank

In 1996, Au Financiers was founded as a non-deposit-taking Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), focusing on funding economic growth for the underserved and unserved low and middle classes.

Over the last two decades, our geographical presence has organically expanded to cover Vehicle Loans, Business Loans, and Housing Loans.

The Fortune India 500 (2019) lists AU Small Finance Bank in 355th place. AU Small finance bank has been offering vehicle, business, and housing loans for 20 years.

Capital Small Finance Bank

In April 2016, Capital Small Finance Bank Limited became India’s first small finance bank after converting from Capital Local Area Bank.

Capital Local Area Bank, India’s most prominent bank before its conversion to a Small Finance Bank, was India’s most prominent bank since January 14, 2000.

Agricultural, MSME, and retail borrowers get access to safe and reliable money solutions from these institutions.

Capital Bank focuses on small-ticket assets and helps lower and middle-income groups meet their credit needs.

  • Tagline: Vishwas Se Vikas Tak
  • Headquarter: Jalandhar
  • Founded: 2000

Equitas Small Finance Bank

Equitas Bank is one of India’s leading Small Finance Banks (SFBs). Various banking products and services are available to customers.

Financially unserved and underserved segments of the Indian population are their focus.

After receiving a license from the RBI on June 30 2016, Equity Small Finance Bank began operating on September 5 2016.

Since February 4 2017, Equitas has been a scheduled bank. The Equitas Small Finance Bank provides a new way to bank for children, youth, families and small businesses throughout India. It is a microfinance company that enhances livelihoods and elevates communities.

  • Tagline: It’s Fun Banking
  • Headquarter: Chennai
  • Founded: 2016

Top Private Banks In India

Fincare Small Finance Bank

Future Financial Services Private Limited and Disha Microfin Private Limited came together to form Fincare Small Finance Bank.

A final license has been granted to Disha Microfin Private Limited by the RBI. Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Deposits, Gold Loans, Property Loans, and 2-wheeler Loans are all offered digitally by Fincare Small Finance Bank.

  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Founded: 2017

ESAF Small Finance Bank

It was previously known as ESAF Microfinance and Investments Pvt. Ltd. ESAF Microfinance and Investment Pvt. Ltd.

The entity was established in 1995 after ESAF started its journey as a non-governmental organization.

To achieve this goal, ESAF follows a triple-bottom-line approach that emphasizes people, the planet, and prosperity.

  • Tagline: Joy Of Banking
  • Headquarter: Kerala
  • Founded: 1995

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

USFB stands for Ujjivan Small Finance Bank. India’s leading small finance bank. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank continues to expand its reach and improve its customer service.

By improving digital interfaces across regions and languages, customers can access finance more quickly and easily.

Ujjivan SFB offers savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits (FDs), recurring deposits (RDs), micro loans, home loans, and small business loans.

  • Tagline: We believe in your belief
  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Founded: 2017

Top Government Banks In India 

Suryoday Small Finance Bank

One of the leading small finance banks (SFBs) in India, Suryoday Small Finance Bank is formally known as Suryoday.

In 2009 Suryoday started its journey as a Microfinance Institution, and now they have grown into a small finance bank in India.

Suryoday Bank’s asset products include joint liability loans, commercial vehicle loans, affordable housing loans, and secured business loans (SBLs).

  • Tagline: A Bank Of Smile
  • Headquarters: Navi Mumbai
  • Founded: 2008

Jana Small Finance Bank

Founded on March 28, 2018, Jana Small Finance Bank is a small finance bank headquartered in Bangalore. Janalakshmi Financial Services was India’s largest microfinance institution before becoming a bank.

Jana Small Finance Bank Limited, formally known as JSFB, is one of India’s leading small finance banks. Analakshmi Financial Services is a for-profit NBFC-MFI providing financial inclusion services to underserved customers in India.

They have the second most geographically diversified portfolio among all Small Finance Banks. Jana Small Finance Bank has begun serving customers.

  • Tagline: Likho Apni Kahani
  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Founded: 2008

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